Air Cargo Screening Training and Compliance Programme

The JP IAS & Safe Passage Air Cargo Screening Training and Compliance Program was created for international companies screening Elevated Risk Cargo (ERC) bound for the United States. As required by the TSA, ERC must be screened using TSA approved methods, including Physical Search, Explosive Trace Detection, or Advanced Technology (AT) X-ray systems. Cargo screeners must receive training and records must document training and screening procedures. The JP IAS & Safe Passage Air Cargo Screening Training and Compliance Program is designed to comply with U.S. air cargo screening requirements. It is flexible enough to fit seamlessly with current cargo screening programs such as Known Shipper, Known Consignor, and Regulated Agent. The program covers all required topics for initial, recurrent, and remedial training.

Key Features

  • Realistic simulation of the machine
  • Secure records management system
  • Standardized instruction
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Customized to your company needs

Key Benefits

  • Standardized - Provides a standardized process and training program to screen ERC bound for the United States.Flexible Screening Options - Access a wide range of training for various screening technologies.
  • Centralized Record Keeping - A secure records management system provides proof of training and most importantly, accurate assessment of screener capabilities.
  • Up-To-Date Training - The program is continually updated to reflect the current state of threat, local requirements, and U.S. requirements.
  • Increases Productivity - Screeners learn to recognize explosive devices quickly and perform screening functions efficiently. These efficiencies result in faster screening of cargo.

Training and Compliance Program

Blended/Screener Training - Structured on-line courses are available for all screening methodologies. Our self paced approach ensures learning by all types of students using differentiated instruction.

Physical Search - We provide physical search training at your facility and on-the-job training.

Explosive Detection Equipment - Our training programs provide operator training for explosive detection equipment. This means you do not need multiple companies providing training to support your facility certification.

Advanced Technology X-ray Simulators - Our X-ray simulators include actual images from the X-ray system and a simulated control panel of a single or dual-view interface. This gives students the ability to practice interpretation in a safe and non-life threatening environment.

Training Management System (TMS) - Our TMS keeps track of vital training records and certifications. Instructors can remotely generate detailed training reports as needed.

Train-The-Trainer - We teach your instructors how to deliver the on-site training components for screeners. You do not need to have the equipment providers continually come to your facility to train new students or provide refresher training as required.

Compliant - Our program is consistent with U.S. standards and screening methods. This program teaches various methods for screening ERC and documents training and screening procedures.

Recurrent Training - All of our programs are available for initial and recurrent training requirements

For further information about our programmes, please don't hesitate to contact us